I had so much fun designing a suite for Cheryl and Frank, a great, easygoing couple, who came to me for their save the date and full invitation suite. As soon as they said it’s a vineyard wedding, the ideas for this theme began swirling in my head like wine in a glass at a wine tasting!  The newly engaged couple had only two stipulations: they wanted a map of Long Island, a pretty special area – that’s where they spend a lot of their free time by the shore, where got engaged, and where the wedding would be held, and, obviously they wanted the wine theme somehow in there. Yes and yes, done! Cheryl being an artist and a creative designer, was already ahead of the game with a great vineyard inspired color palette, which proved to be a fantastic base to play with the colors and textures. For the save the date, I did a 3.5″ round coaster, letterpress printed with a ‘glass wine stain’, and the pertinent info inside it. A flat circular magnet was stuck to the back, for easy placement by the recipient. The envelope flap featured an old-fashioned cork screw and a cork – to indicate a relaxed setting of opening up a bottle to plan this event out.
The wedding suite picked up where save-the-date left off –  a continuation of the theme, but now a little bit more serious. We went with 3-color printing, with all text in burgundy and green, and the portions of the Long Island Map were printed in transparent white for a little sheen and added texture, visible yet subtle and not overpowering. Metallic champagne RSVP envelopes added a touch of glam. The suite was kept together with a red/burgundy vellum, printed with the entire map of LI, for a bellyband. With some research, cork washi-tape (!) was found online to keep the bellyband closed, which was a great touch of the vineyard theme. To top it all off, the outer envelope was made of vellum, which allowed for transparency and textures to come through –  a little indication what’s inside. The couple printed their address labels on Stardream adhesive paper, and applied those at home. Overall, this turned out to be tasteful yet still fun, suite. 


Cheryl & Frank’s invite suite – closeup


Cheryl & Frank’s invite suite – RSVP card closeup


Cheryl & Frank’s invite suite – closeup

Cheryl and Frank’s invite suite held together by a burgundy vellum belly band


Cheryl and Frank’s invite suite held together by a burgundy vellum belly band – which was sealed closed using a cork washi tape


Cheryl and Frank’s invite suite – a translucent vellum envelope was used for texture, color and an overall preview of all that’s awaiting inside!




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